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Learn in 3 easy steps how to automate your templates and start creating documents

Templates - Create tags

Labels are used to link a response from the form to its position in the document.

Templates - Fields

Within a form, they are the elements that allow us to collect the data entered by the user.

Template - Form

The forms are documents that are intended to collect the information requested there.

Template - Settings

The settings are used to know certain information about the template, but also to change and adjust certain parameters of the template.


Sub-templates are portions of text that we create independently in order to insert them into several templates.

Metadata and Reports

Metadata is data obtained from the different phases of the documentary process that allows us to create reports for contract tracking.


All the available functionalities in the creation of documents.

Bigle Legal AI

Summarize, analyze, consult, generate and translate documents with Bigle Legal's artificial intelligence.


Automate your request processes or Legal Intake, simplifying the management of legal tickets.


The negotiation process facilitates contact between parties and members of the same team, while ensuring security and transparency.


Validation is a process that allows a person or a certain group of people to monitor and approve a document.

Electronic signature

Electronic signature complying with the requirements set out in Article 26 of Regulation (EU) N°910/2014

Certified Email

A Certified Email (Certified Electronic Mail) can be compared to sending a Bureaufax or Certified Letter, as it has the same legal validity.


Monitor the status and responsible users of ongoing processes.

Administration and Security

Management of profiles, groups, and roles, as well as security measures such as two-factor authentication (2FA) or password management.

Customize the platform

Bigle Legal offers different customization options, contact us to request them.


Integrations connect Bigle Legal with databases or third-party applications, allowing you to connect and synchronize data.