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Creating a user

Adding users in Bigle Legal is a simple process

As administrator of the Workspace (of the account), you will be able to create new users, modify their role and remove them from your workspace.

The management of the users is located within the top menu, in Management.

Click on the "Invite user" button, a side panel appears asking you the following information to add the new user:

  • Name and Last name: The name and surname helps us identify the user.
  • Email: This will be used by the user to access the software.
  • Profile (role): we can choose between the 3 types of roles that allows us to manage the user's access to the different parts of the platform. Learn more about the roles here ⇢
  • Access notification: There are 2 options to notify the user.
    • Send the user an email with an access link (Yes, send an access link). Use this option if the user you invite will access to the software immediately or a few hours later. For security reasons, the link will only be active for a few hours. After that, the link will no longer be valid and you will have to restart the same process to generate another link.
    • Provide access manually (No, I will give the link and password later). To do this, you must enter a password (you can click on 👁 to make sure you don't misspell it) and provide the user the following information:

(*For security reasons, in both cases the user will be prompted to enter a new password once they access the software.)


When you have completed all the details, then click "Confirm".

The newly added user will be immediately displayed on the list and they will be able to access the software, either using the link sent, or with the credentials provided.