Portion of added text

Sub-templates are portions of text that we create independently in order to insert them into various documents. 

These portions can be added in different templates through a label, allowing us to edit the text in that sub-template and to make changes simultaneously in all templates where that label is located. This capacity greatly facilitates the maintenance of our templates over time.

An example could be the use of a sub-template for the data protection clause. In case of having to change this clause, we would only have to modify the text of the sub-template, and all the templates that refer to it would be updated automatically.


In this video, we show you how to create a sub-template and insert it through a label in a template, seeing the result in the documents that we create from that template. 

When we write the label of a sub-template in the document, we must remember that it should always follow the pattern {:include label}