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Move and delete documents and folders

Learn how to move and delete one or multiple documents and folders.

How to move and delete a document

1. The first step is to navigate to the Documents section of the main menu to view the full list of documents:


2. Then, use the three dots on the right side of the document to move it to a folder or delete it:

Move or delete document

Note that deleting a document is an irreversible action that will delete all data related to it.


How to move and delete multiple documents

You can select multiple documents and move or delete them at once, saving time and improving your efficiency. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Select the documents you want to move or delete by clicking on the square on the left of each document in the list.

Select documents

You can select all documents that appear in the list by checking the checkbox at the top, as shown in the following image. In this case, documents that belong to folders will not be selected.

Select all the documents

2. Once the documents are selected, the move and delete options will appear:

Move or delete documents

- To move them, click "Move documents", select the destination folder and click "Move" to confirm.

Move documents

- To delete them, click "Delete documents" and, after making sure you want to do it (remember that this is an irreversible action), press "Confirm".

Delete documents


How to move and delete folders

- To move or delete documents that belong to a folder, enter the folder and select the documents following the process explained above.

Enter the folder

- To move or delete the folder and all subfolders inside it that you have access to, use the three dots on its right.

Folder options

Move or delete folder

Note that when deleting a folder with documents, for security precautions, the platform will show you an error. You will have to first delete all the documents stored inside it, and then delete the folder.

As you can see in the image above, the menu that opens using the three points of the folder also allows you to modify it and add subfolders.