Tag for automatic signature box positioning

Use tags to automatically position signature boxes.

Electronic signature allows documents to be sent and signed in a secure and legally binding manner. In this article, you will find all the information regarding the two types of e-signatures offered by Bigle Legal (biometric and one-click), as well as the steps to follow to successfully carry out a signature process.

In the case of biometric electronic signature, you can define the position of the signature boxes in the document by using tags. This way, the signature boxes will be automatically placed in their corresponding positions without the need of manual adjustment.


The tag you should include in the template is as follows:


  • Opening bracket ([)
  • Text (not used in other tags and written in lowercase or camelCase, e.g., "buyerSignature")
  • Closing bracket (])

The tag is unique to each signer. If there is more than one signer, you will need to create a tag for each of them.

Additionally, please note that this type of tag will not only be visible in the document template but will also be reflected in the final document, once it is signed:
Signatures with tag

If you wish to hide the tag, you can select it and change the color to white from the editor. This way, even though it is present in the final version of the document, it won't be visible.

Signatures with white tag

Where to position the tag

You should position the tag in the template document where you want the signature box to be automatically placed. You can repeat the same tag at different locations so that the signature box is displayed at each of those locations (the signer will need to sign as many times as you repeat the tag in the document).
Signature tag

How to link the tag to its signer

The next and final step to make the signature box position is to link the tag to its signer. This action is performed once the signing process has started, when filling out or editing the details of each signer (in this article, we explain step by step how to carry out the signature process from start to finish). 

As you can see in the following image, below the signer's information (name, last name, and email), you also have the option of "Self positioned signature." Enable it and enter the corresponding tag to link it. Then, save the changes and proceed with the signature process.

Link tag with signer position