How to start new document lifecycles and track their statuses

Learn to start and track processes

Below each option in the left side menu of the document screen, you can see the status of each process. For example, in the following image, the form is in draft status:


As you can see in the image above, the "Negotiation", "Validation", "Signature" and "Cert. Email” (short for Certified email) buttons appear inactive. This is because you first need to have finished the draft in order to access the other steps of the document lifecycle

For this reason, when the required data has been entered in the form (in case of a document generated from template) or when the document is finalized (if it is an external document), it is necessary to click on "Finish Draft":

Finish draft

"Finish Draft" will make the form no longer editable and will save the current version of the document with the entered data.


After finishing the draft, the "Negotiation", "Validation", "Signature" and "Cert. email" buttons will be activated, indicating that any of those processes can be carried out, if necessary, and in any order.


Any process carried out (negotiation, validation, signature or certified email) shall be completed before starting a new one. Once each process is finished, you can check the information and start another one, if necessary.


You can return to the "form" section to consult the entered data. When there are no processes in progress, you can also edit it using the "Open Draft" button. Re-finishing the draft will generate a new version of the document.

Open draft


Please note that from the Documents overview you can see the processes status and access them quickly:

Status of the processes